Return On Investment When Selling Your Home

The 5 BestROI Improvements

When you have decided to sell your home, there are a lot of decisions to be made. Return On Investment is one of them. Should you try to upgrade features in your home in hopes it will sell for a higher price, or maybe faster? What is worth the investment? What isn’t? Below is a list of ideas for home improvements that will best improve your return on investment when selling your house.

Update and neutralize paint. Maybe you have an outdated wallpapered nightmare in the half bath, or your now-grown child’s old bedroom is painted hot pink from her pre-teen days. If you can just invest the time and money to freshen this cosmetic fix, it would definitely be worth it.


Make sure all systems are operating properly. This means all HVAC systems should be running smoothly, as well as any small fixes, like a wobbly sliding door or even a hole in a screen door. Fix these, and it will only improve your chances of selling quickly and for a great price.


Modernize any lighting features. Nothing is worse than a yellowing, old sconce on the wall or lamp hanging in the kitchen. If you take the time to invest in a few new and clean lights, it will certainly show to buyers and create a contemporary look for your whole home.

kitchen lighting

Clean up the landscaping. The yard or garden in the front yard is the first thing home buyer see when they come to view the property and the backyard is where a lot of home owners like to relax. If you can take care of these areas, it is a huge benefit to you.


Replace old hardware and handles in the kitchen/bathrooms. This can actually be one of the biggest helps when you’re trying to sell. Replacing door handles, drawer pulls, and cabinet door knobs instantly upgrades the look of the room and is one cheap investment.
kitchen hardware

Follow these tips and tricks for a fast and profitable home sale! Check out more real estate ideas at!